Tourism promotion Seminar with Nagoya-city and Hamamatsu-city

We held the tourism promotion seminar with Nagoya-city and Hamamatsu-city in Ho chi minh, Vietnam from Jan 20 to Jan 22.
In the middle of Covid-19 affects the tourism, we gathered tourism companies in Vietnam and held the seminar to prospect a lot of Vietnamese would come to Japan after Covid-19 is settling.

At the first day, we held the seminar and second and third day we visited the companies which could not attend and held the online meeting. Through the online meeting, we could exchange the current situation and opinions.

Our seminar was shot by HTV (Ho Chi Minh TV) and some news companies. Please refer the link. Please contact us if you want to know the seminar and marketing information more.

VOH Radio : Article
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HTV (Ho Chi Minh) : Please watch the video below