With experienced and professional team members, HD Consulting supports company to develop business in Vietnam by providing various services in education (foreign languages and culture), consulting, marketing and IT development,etc.

Our mission


Globalization has become indispensable now a days. This would be also a great opportunity for company to expand their scale by developing their business in foreign countries.

Understand the difficulties that company has to face in the process of globalization, HD Consulting would like to be a bridge to connect domestic and oversea companies, as well as completely support in many aspects such as legal, techniques and marketing,etc.

Message from the CEO

With long-term experience working abroad in international trading, I and my colleagues understand the need for globalization, especially in the current background that economic integration has been become a world-wide trend.

We – HD Consulting, would to be a bridge to connect domestic and foreign companies, especially Vietnamese and Japanese companies, and support companies to expand and develop their businesses in these two countries.

Understand the difficulties that companies have to face during the process of economic integration, as a young enterprise HD Consulting always strives to learn, draw on experience and dedicate in the work to provide our customers reliable consultancy information along with the best solutions for companies to expand their businesses abroad.

Let HD Consulting be with you!

Trang Nguyen

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